[UPDATE] Chris Christie Leaves Hospital

UPDATE: Chris Christie has been discharged from the hospital after spending a week undergoing treatment for coronavirus.

In a tweet he thanked the physicians and nurses who cared for him at Morristown Medical Center in northern New Jersey. But he also seemed to be invoking the art of the tease by writing “I will have more to say about all of this next week.”


Of all those who contracted the coronavirus after attending the White House event for Amy Coney Barrett two weeks ago,  Donald Trump adviser Chris Christie is the only one who remains hospitalized for treatment of the disease.

CNN Friday night reported that the former New Jersey governor is being kept under close watch by doctors and has been prescribed the anti-viral treatment remdesivir, the same experimental drug administered to the president.

Christie tweeted last Saturday that he had checked himself into a New Jersey hospital “out of an abundance of caution” after testing positive for the virus. While he begins his second week in the hospital, most of the other top Republicans who became sick with COVID-19 after the Sept. 26 event are isolating and recovering at home.

The news of Christie’s continued hospitalization comes as Trump is planning to host a large outdoor gathering at White House exactly two weeks after the Barrett superspreader event.

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

The administration is billing the Saturday afternoon event as “a peaceful protest for law & order.” In reality it will be a Trump campaign rally using the White House as a background prop.

Trump said Friday night during an appearance on Fox News “I have been retested, and I haven’t even found out numbers or anything yet, but I’ve been retested, and I know I’m at either the bottom of the scale or free.” It’s unclear how he could make that declaration, however, if he hasn’t seen the test results.

Trump first developed symptoms and disclosed his positive coronavirus test result only a week ago. Medical experts suspect that he is still capable of shedding the virus and potentially sickening others.

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