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Christian Protestors Creepily Dress as Pete Buttigieg and Whip ‘Jesus’

Christian Protestors Creepily Dress as Pete Buttigieg and Whip ‘Jesus’

Pete Buttigieg, the Democratic Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, is a force to be reckoned with. Just a few short months ago, most people had never heard of him and could not pronounce his name. Now, he is third in the polls in key states to secure the Democratic nomination to become the next President of the United States. Mayor Pete, as Buttigieg is affectionately called, is openly gay and married to a man.

It is not just Democrats who are taking notice of Mayor Pete, though. His surge in popularity seems to have angered some particularly harsh anti-LGBTQ Christian protesters. When Buttigieg was campaigning in Iowa, a small group staged a rather interesting protest.

One man dressed up as Satan, and another was Jesus on the cross. Still another dressed up as Buttigieg himself. They followed Mayor Pete to another Iowa location, where the person dressed as Buttigieg whipped the person dressed as Jesus. This allegedly was to express their dismay at a gay man running for President, and at homosexuality itself.

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The man in the Satan costume said, as the fake Pete Buttigieg whipped the fake Jesus:

“Beat the savior, beat him — I hate this guy. Yes, more blood, Peter. Every vote is a lash on the back of Christ.”

Clearly, there are people who are alarmed at the idea of a gay man and his husband getting anywhere near the White House. However, regardless of political or religious views, most sane people likely agree that there is something wrong with this particular bit of public political theater.

Hopefully, Mayor Pete’s future events go off without a hitch, despite this disturbing display.

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