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Christian Evangelist: Supporters of Trump Impeachment are Domestic Enemies

Christian Evangelist: Supporters of Trump Impeachment are Domestic Enemies

Even before he captured the Republican nomination, Donald Trump has had the support of Evangelical Christians. This large block of voters helped Trump to improbably capture the White House. And these Christians still support the President as he currently has a 73% approval rating among White Evangelicals.


Now that Trump will be facing an impeachment inquiry, Evangelical leaders have rallied behind the president. During a recent broadcast of his Youtube show, Christian host Rick Wiles said those who support impeachment of the President are domestic enemies.

Wiles began the broadcast by blaming the media for Trump’s current struggles. “I’m trying to wrap my brain around this thing because this one’s as crazy as the Russiagate accusations, which, nothing existed,” said the host. The Democrats and the media, and certain intelligence agents, and the FBI agents, carried out a covert operation to undermine and destabilize the President of the United States.”

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The host then claimed that anyone who would support the impeachment inquiry doesn’t support the United States. “This is an unconstitutional coup; it is the overthrow of an elected president,” he continued. “If you support it, you are an enemy of the nation. You are a domestic enemy if you support the overthrow of the President of the United States. … If you support the overthrow of the president, you are a domestic enemy of the republic. There’s no other way to put it, you’re a domestic enemy.”

Wiles is no stranger to controversy. Right Wing Watch says of his Tru News show, “Wiles regularly promotes conspiracy theories about President Obama, the federal government and secret powerful forces working to shape world events and lead to the end of days.”


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