Chris Wallace Schools Another GOP Governor By Asking A Simple Question

Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott was super indignant last week when he criticized President Joe Biden for conditions in the Texas shelters currently housing thousands of migrant children. On Sunday morning all that Fox News’ Chris Wallace had to do to point out Abbott’s naked political hypocrisy was ask him the following question.

“You made news this week reporting that there are cases of sexual abuse at the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio that houses more than 1,600 children. But the head of a non-profit that provides legal services to immigrants said this: ‘The only reason why Abbott is now acting like he cares about the children in these facilities is for political reasons.’ There were thousands of complaints of sexual abuse at migrant shelters during the Trump years. Not to say what’s going on now is right, but we couldn’t find one instance of you complaining and calling that out when President Trump was president,” Wallace said.

Abbott’s response was, at best, obtuse. “There were multiple differences between what was happening in the Trump administration and what’s going on now. First the Trump administration remained in constant communication with me and with my office and let us know what was going on. Second, I saw reports about exactly what you’re talking about and saw that those reports were filed with federal agencies.”

As you can see, Abbott never did directly address Wallace’s question. Apparently the governor believes that as long he was being kept apprised of the sexual abuse that was taking place under Trump’s watch that was good enough.

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