Chris Wallace “Harangues” Trump Aide For First Family Refusing to Wear Masks

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace might be in for a Twitter lashing from Donald Trump later today, if the president happened to tune in to this morning’s interview with Trump campaign adviser Steve Cortes.

Right from the start, Wallace pointed out to viewers that the White House refused to make any administration officials available for the Sunday morning programs, as is its custom. The Fox host pressed Cortes to resolve the conflicting statements Saturday about Trump’s health from Dr. Sean Conley and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. Conley’s assessment of Trump’s health was decidedly upbeat, while Meadows described Trump’s condition on Friday as “very concerning” and said the next 48 hours would be critical.

Cortes attempted to evade answering and ultimately ended up contradicting himself in this stupefying exchange.

Wallace: “Should we disregard the much more guarded message from the chief of staff?”

Cortes: “I’m not going to get into that intrigue.”

Wallace: “It’s not intrigue. He did say it, Steve.”

Cortes: “Well how do we know that? Do you have a tape of it?”

Wallace: “He was quoted directly by a reporter and there is tape.”

Cortes: “Well, yeah, I’ve seen that tape.”

Wallace then asked Cortes multiple times about the Trump family and Meadows refusal to wear a mask in the Cleveland debate hall on Tuesday:

Wallace: “Everybody was told to wear a mask. Why did the first family and the chief of staff feel like the rules that apply to everybody else didn’t apply to them?”

Cortes: “We believe in masks but we also believe in some element of individual choice. People were distanced and they had been tested.”

Wallace: “No, Steve, they were not distanced and there was no freedom of choice. They broke the rules. Why did they break the rules?”

Cortes: “Chris, the way you’re starting to harangue me now actually reminds of what you did to the president during the debate on Tuesday night.”

Wallace fact checked Cortes immediately: “Let me just point out that the president interrupted me and the vice president 145 times so I object to saying that I harangued the president. I know that’s the talking point.”

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