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Chris Wallace: Biden’s Debate Performance Made Him Look Like a Wimp

Chris Wallace: Biden’s Debate Performance Made Him Look Like a Wimp

Joe Biden’s campaign got off to a rousing start, but has since experienced issues that put his frontrunner status in jeopardy. Thursday night’s debate gave him the opportunity to recapture some of his positive momentum.

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According to a number of pundits, Biden’s debate performance featured a lot more bad moments than good ones. Fox News’ Chris Wallace went as far to say that the former Vice President’s temperament made him “look like a wimp.”

Wallace honed in on a moment when Kamala Harris questioned him on opposing federally mandated school busing. The Democrat attempted to defend his civil rights record, but stopped his explanation when his time ran out. Biden cut himself off saying, ““My time’s up, I’m sorry.”

The Fox News host said of the moment, “You know, he went, ‘Oh, I’m sorry. My time is up. He looked like a wimp when he did that.” Shepherd Smith made an attempt to defend the former Vice President, saying, “everybody makes too much out of a first debate.”

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Wallace somewhat agreed with Smith, but still felt the moment was damaging to Biden. He told Smith, “I think it further weakens Biden and adds to the doubts of just how strong a frontrunner he is and whether he can go the distance in a Democratic race and against Donald Trump.”

The Fox News anchor also took a moment to comment on Marianne Williamson who became somewhat of a sensation. He said of the entrepreneur, “She’s an interesting woman. I don’t think she’s going to be the next president of the United States. But she was more interesting than a lot of people on the for one, I would be sorry to see her go in the next debate if she’s forced out.”

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