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Chris Walker Departs Hill Reporter: Gone, but Never Forgotten

Chris Walker Departs Hill Reporter: Gone, but Never Forgotten

Since 2018, I’ve had the privilege to write for Hill Reporter, to provide news coverage and insights into the happenings of our nation’s politics. 

My time with this site is coming to an end this week. On Monday, I’ll be starting a new venture with Truthout.org, providing that site with trending news content on a daily, full-time basis.

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Transitions like these can be bittersweet. While I’m thrilled to be starting down this new path in life, I will sorely miss the team I’ve worked with day-in and day-out at Hill Reporter. I will also miss being part of a site that has given you, the readers, an informed perspective on the top stories of the day.

I’m proud of the many posts I’ve been able to write (more than 1,600 of them!), and will undoubtedly look back at my time at Hill Reporter with fondness. As I leave, I wish to discuss one last time, briefly, the most important topic that matters to me: reforming our democracy to ensure it is representative of the interests of We the People.

We live in a nation where an unpopular candidate can win the presidential election against a majority of the people’s wishes; where monied interests have the upper-hand when it comes to who wins congressional races; where politicians draw boundaries that essentially allow them to pick their own constituents, rather than giving voters the right to choose who should be their representatives in Washington; and the list goes on.

In short, there are a number of far-right groups and politicians who want the practice of democracy in the United States to be a staged affair. They do not want a true outcome of democratic representation, where the people decide how things should be through the choosing of lawmakers who share their views and ideals. 

I remain dedicated to the idea that the American people should be in command of their own political destinies. I have no doubts in my mind that my colleagues at Hill Reporter will continue highlighting the need for these changes long after I leave as well. 

I depart from this site happy that I have produced content that has informed readers while simultaneously exposing the lies and misleading statements of political leaders presently in power. On that note, I want to provide one last opinionated thought:

Our country can do much, much better than Donald Trump. The founders of this nation, and the subsequent generations that carried out their vision and expanded it in positive ways, did not envision someone like Trump commanding control of this nation’s executive branch. He exemplifies their worst fears. It’s on us now, at this time, to ensure he doesn’t remain in power beyond this year.

In November, I implore you to vote with our nation’s best interests at heart. But in September and October, I challenge you to convince at least three others to do the same.

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Thank you for reading. If you’re interested in keeping up with me, you can follow me on Facebook and on Twitter as well.

Happy trails,

Chris Walker

From the Staff: We’re gonna miss you, brother! You’re truly one of a kind. All the best.

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