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Chris Hayes on Trump White House: “They Took the Side of COVID”

Chris Hayes on Trump White House: “They Took the Side of COVID”

Donald Trump and his administrations handling of the coronavirus can be referred to, at best, as questionable. The global pandemic was near unprecedented and there were going to be hardships no matter how well handled it was.

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But now there is more proof that the administration ignored information and pursued dangerous ideas. On Wednesday, it was revealed that HHS adviser Paul Alexander wanted millions of Americans to get infected in a bid to create herd immunity. Discussing this controversy last night, Chris Hayes said the White House, “took the side of COVID.”

“It’s a strategy we have seen unfold before our eyes,” the MSNBC host began. We’ve talked about it here on the show. It’s been apparent to all of us reporting on this and watching. We now have the smoking gun evidence, e-mails obtained by Politico, in which the very people at the center of this say what exactly they were doing. That they wanted people to get the virus.”

Hayes continued:

“The thing to understand about that is it is not an accident and it is not bungling. Donald Trump, his administration as backed by Republicans in his party, in Congress, explicitly pursued a strategy that would lead to more Americans getting sick and more Americans dying, and they did this despite the fact they kept denying they were pursuing the so-called herd immunity approach. It was always clear they were.”

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The host closed his comments, “They took the side of Covid. They had the same aims as the virus.”



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