Chris Hayes: ‘Donald Trump Is a Cheater Who Does Not Believe in Fair Play’

MSNBC host Chris Hayes on Friday sluggered President Donald Trump for being a “cheater” and warned that that if Trump somehow scams his way into a second term, American democracy may be “irreparably” shattered.

Hayes held no punches.

“It’s pretty well-established that Donald Trump is a guy who spent his whole life in business cheating,” Hayes said of the president on All In with Chris Hayes.

Hayes reminded viewers of the rolodex of.schemes that have torqued around Trump his entire life.

“Padding invoices to siphon millions of dollars to his father’s empire; using those inflated receipts to justify rent increases for thousands of tenants; stiffing contractors repeatedly out of millions of dollars; running a fraudulent university that resulted in a $25 million settlement; and, according to the New York TImes, lying on his taxes,” said Hayes. “And then when he got into politics, he kept on cheating, and it worked.”

Hayes then referenced the shocking Senate Select Intelligence Committee’s report on the treasonous relationship between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin, confirming and expanding upon the findings of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

“Trump directed campaign officials to stay in touch with Roger Stone about future Wikileaks activities regarding Clinton-related emails,” the report stated.

Then there were the hush money payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, for which Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, took the fall.

Furthermore, in 2019, Trump was impeached for trying to extort Ukraine into producing propaganda aimed at damaging Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. The Republican-led Senate acquitted him in February.

“Now Trump is trying to cheat again,” Hayes said. This time, Trump’s braggardly sabotage of the United States Postal Service and false claims about voter fraud involving mail-in ballots has put American democracy in immediate peril.

For millions, mail-in voting is the only safe choice amid the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed more than 175,000 Americans since March, and is expected to worsen in the fall and winter months.

Moreover, on Friday, Trump threatened to send “sherrifs” to intimidate voters at the polls, which is illegal.

“From his businesses to his election to his presidency to his reelection, it’s all one story,” Hayes concluded. “The Russia stuff; the Ukraine stuff; the stuff now; Donald Trump is a cheater. He does not believe in fair play. He sure as hell doesn’t believe in free and fair elections. And that’s why the stakes are so high. Free and fair elections are what’s on the table. If Donald Trump is able to cheat his way back into the White House, our democracy is broken – perhaps irreparably.”

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