Chris Hayes Blasts Republican Lawmakers for Taking “Summer Fridays” While Americans Suffer

The United States is currently facing a severe economic crisis. And this crisis is coming in the midst of one of the great health crisis’ in the country’s history. On Thursday, however, the senate adjourned without creating a plan to help struggling Americans on unemployment.

Steve Zak Photography/FilmMagic

To add insult to injury, the governing body didn’t even stick around on Friday to try to come up with a plan. During his Friday night broadcast, Chris Hayes blasted the Republican majority for taking a “summer Friday.”

The MSNBC host began, “Of all the crazy things happening right now, and there are a lot, the craziest might be something that’s not happening.”

Hayes continued:

“There is no one on the floor of the United States Senate. There is no one on their offices. They have all gone home for the weekend. Congress is in recess right now, on the very day that $600 a week of unemployment insurance bonuses for tens of millions of people has expired. It’s done as of today. It’s a shocking and disgusting slap in the face from the Republican Senate leadership, the struggling Americans. The Democratic House has passed a bill to re-up it.”

The pundit then questioned why the party is letting this happen. “Also think about how insane this is politically,” Hayes said. “There is an election in less than 100 days, you might have noticed. The Republican Party currently has a majority in the Senate. It is defending a bunch of intensely-contested seats. There is a sitting Republican president. Probably heard about that, too. He’s up for re-election. The country is in a once in a century catastrophe.”

Watch a clip of Hayes comments below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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