Chris Cuomo Warns Viewers: “A Storm is Coming”

According to reports, the Department of Justice is expecting the release of the Mueller Report as early as next week. From that point, new Attorney General, William Barr, will decide how much of the report the American public sees.

Senator Chris Coons

President Donald Trump is often described as a counter-puncher who lashes out when he feels threatened. Last night, CNN host Chris Cuomo issued a warning that the upcoming weeks may show Trump at his worst.

The host explained, “This is going to be an especially chaotic time. This president will be under pressure in all likelihood like he’s never been before. Not because he’s going to be removed in cuffs but because, almost certainly, he’s not going to like things in the report.”

Cuomo warned that Trump and his team of surrogates will be working hard to spin any negative information contained in the report. He continued, “Expect the president and his allies to throw everything they have at you, to make as much noise as possible, to distract and obfuscate.”

To close the segment, Cuomo told his viewers, “A storm is coming. Be on guard, remain reasonable and keep your focus on facts.”

You can watch the segment here:


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