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Chris Cuomo Blasts “State TV” Fox News For Being ‘Pawns’ Of Trump

Chris Cuomo Blasts “State TV” Fox News For Being ‘Pawns’ Of Trump

CNN host Chris Cuomo derided Fox News hosts for having an inappropriate and cozy relationship with President Donald Trump that essentially amounted to them being “state TV” for the White House.

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Cuomo, speaking on his own program on CNN, pointed out the unethical relationship that Fox hosts, such as Sean Hannity, had with the president. Cuomo suggested that Fox does “nothing but parrot the president’s positions and ignores anything that’s bad for him,” while also “[attacking] journalists who report [on Trump] differently,” according to reporting from HuffPost.

Trump in turn gave Fox News preferential treatment, granting their journalists and hosts greater access to himself and the White House overall.

Former Trump campaign chairman Corey Lewandowski, who was Cuomo’s guest on his program Monday evening, disagreed. “This president has been more accessible to the media than any president in modern history,” Lewandowski said.

Cuomo blasted Lewandowski’s comments, calling them “poppycock.”

Trump “won’t even come on CNN. He only goes where he gets a pat on the back,” Cuomo stated.

Indeed, access to Trump and the White House has been severely curtailed in comparison to other presidents. One needs only to look at the fact that daily press briefings with Press Secretary Sarah Sanders have become all-but extinct, or that the total number of press conferences from this president have numbered significantly less than from his recent predecessors.

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Cuomo noted that, save for a few individuals such as Shepard Smith, for the most part Fox News personalities were simply “pawns of this president.”

The allegations against Fox from Cuomo follow a New Yorker article which provided significant insight into just how close Trump was with the network.

Per previous reporting from Hill Reporter, that cozy relationship also resulted in Fox News executives “killing” a story about Trump making hush money payments to adult film actress Stormy Daniels, just weeks before election day in the 2016 presidential campaign.

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