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Chris Collins, Former Republican Congressman Will Spend 26 Months in Jail

Chris Collins, Former Republican Congressman Will Spend 26 Months in Jail

During his time in the House of Representatives, Chris Collins was known for two things. He was the first elected official to support Donald Trump’s presidential run, endorsing him in February of 2016. He was also known for winning his 2018 reelection bid despite an upcoming criminal trial for insider trading.

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In late 2019, Collins pleaded guilty to the crime and resigned from his position while awaiting sentencing. That sentencing came down this week and Collins will not be spending 26 months in prison.

The former lawmaker was also fined for $200,000 over his part in the crime. Collins son Cameron, also involved in the scheme, will be scheduled next month.

US Attorney for New York’s Southern District Geoffrey Berman said in a statement:

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“Collins’s greed and disregard for the law have now led to a criminal conviction for insider trading and lying to the FBI, his resignation from Congress, and over two years in federal prison. Lawmakers bear the profound privilege and responsibility of writing and passing laws, but equally as important, the absolute obligation of following them. Collins’s hubris is a stark reminder that the people of New York can and should demand more from their elected officials, and that no matter how powerful, no lawmaker is above the law.”

Collins did not comment after sentencing, but did talk to reporters upon his resignation. “I am standing here, probably the last time I will do anything in public,” said the former lawmaker. “I left Buffalo. I cannot face my constituents. People feel sorry for me. They shouldn’t. I did what I did

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