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Chris Christie: Trump Legal Theory an “Absurdity”

Chris Christie: Trump Legal Theory an “Absurdity”

Even though they’re both COVID-19 survivors and probably don’t risk infecting each other, chances are Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani won’t be together clinking glasses at any of the upcoming White House holiday parties.

Giuliani and his “elite strike force team” have filed dozens lawsuits around the country on behalf of Donald Trump trying to overturn the results of the Nov. 3 presidential election. Most have been shot down or withdrawn. No court has found one single instance of fraud.

Christie, a long-time Trump adviser, former New Jersey governor and U.S. attorney, on Sunday offered his opinion as to why. “Well, the legal theory put forward by the president and his legal team is an absurdity,” Christie said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.” “And the reason that the Supreme Court didn’t take it is that it’s an absurd idea that any state or any number of states can challenge another state’s right to run the election as they see fit.”

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Brian Kemp tries to explain that election interference is a crime.
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He also called out Trump for what he said are “attacks on decent, hard-working Republican governors.” Look what’s changed, Christie said. Of Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, Christie pointed out, “He said Doug is tough, he’s strong, he’s a good governor. He said about Brian Kemp back in the summer, you know, that Brian is a capable man. He knows what he’s doing and he’s done a very good job as governor.”

Christie also accurately pointed out that after Trump lost both states he’s turned on the two men and called them “RINOs” – Republicans in Name Only – who are working against him.

“The reason the Supreme Court is not taking this is not because of a lack of courage,” Christie said, refuting an argument that Trump made in an appearance on the Fox network Sunday. “It’s for the same reason that every court has thrown this out – it’s a lack of evidence.”

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