Chris Christie Thinks GOP Voters Will Turn On Trump Once He's Convicted

There are still several candidates seeking the Republican nomination for 2024. Donald Trump, despite all of his previous issues, and despite the fact that he's facing serious charges, is trouncing all of them in the polls. 

The candidates are still staying in the race. They have to hope that somehow the former president's hold over the party could begin to dissipate. Or they could hope that Trump is convicted in one of his many cases and that changes the minds of voters. It's a big ask. It seems as if Trump's legal problems have only endeared him further to the MAGA world. 

Still Chris Christie thinks theres a pathway where he could become the nominee. The former New Jersey governor told The Dispatch, "My view is, you have to do the very best you can in these early states, which I intend to do, and then be ready for the fallout of his conviction."

Christie then opined that voters will, "feel much differently when Mark Meadows, a conservative Republican from North Carolina, gets on the stand and accuses his former boss of committing crimes on his watch and directing him and others to commit crimes on his behalf to obstruct the results of the election and keep him in power."

The Republican hopeful closed, "No, look, if it doesn’t and I turn out to be wrong, then all you guys will be right and Donald Trump will be the nominee. But I don’t believe that."