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Chris Christie Says Trump Hurting Himself, Country With Election Challenge

Chris Christie Says Trump Hurting Himself, Country With Election Challenge

If nothing else, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie knows Donald Trump very, very well. The two have known each other for years and were what passes for friends in Trump’s world until they each competed in the 2016 Republican primary. Trump attacked Christie for what he saw as bad fiscal management of New Jersey. Christie said Trump didn’t have the temperament to be president.

As politicians are prone to do, the two made up after Trump secured the nomination and Christie has been a Trump supporter throughout his presidency. Until now, apparently.

In a recent radio interview with Sirius XM’s Joel Pollack Christie offered this assessment of post-election Trump: “I think he’s hurting himself, and I think he’s hurting the country by keeping it going. I mean, the fact is, listen, I’m a big supporter of the president. I was the first one of his 2016 opponents to endorse him. We’ve been friends for 20 years. I prepared him for his debates in 2016, headed his transition in 2016, prepared him for his debates in 2020. But there’s no evidence that I’ve seen that there was fraud that occurred in this election that would change the result, nor have courts all across this country found any such evidence, either. We’ve continued to hear from people like Sidney Powell that, any day now, we’re going to hear about this evidence that’s going to blow this whole thing up, and we haven’t gotten it. We’re now nearly at Christmas.”

Then, in a separate interview with Hugh Hewitt, Christie said that he’s keeping his options open about possibly running for president in 2024, regardless of whether Trump decides to run again.

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“If I go and look up Christie2024, will that URL already be reserved?” Hewitt asked Christie.

“ChrisChristie.com is, sir, so we’re gonna keep that one and we’ll see where we go from here,” he replied.

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