Chris Christie Says Republican Behavior Post-Election Has Been Shameful

Since the day he won the Republican nomination to almost the end of this term, Chris Christie stood by Donald Trump’s side. And the only thing that the former New Jersey governor got for his support was a terrible case of COVID-19.

JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

Afte recovering from the coronavirus, Christie has largely changed his tune. Not only did he film a video urging Americans to wear masks, he has also become a frequent critic of other Republicans. And during a weekend TV spot, he blasted GOP lawmakers for acting shamefully.

Christie made an appearance on ABC’s This Week on Sunday. He told George Stephanopoulos, “This election was not stolen. All the facts point in that direction. I’m a former prosecutor George. I make decisions based on evidence. Not based upon feelings or partisanship or loyalties. You make those decisions based upon evidence.”

The former New Jersey lawmaker continued, “While every election has some irregularities, and I’m sure this one did too, there were no type of irregularities that would have changed the result in any one state, let alone the four states that would need to have been changed for the result of the election to have been changed.”

Christie finished by criticizing people who are, “trying to make political points with those people who the president and others lied to about this.”

Watch a clip from the interview below, courtesy of ABC News:

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