Chris Christie is Really Upset That Joe Biden Didn’t Praise Trump for Vaccines

Just about a year ago, the COVID-19 pandemic began to really do damage to America. Faced with the biggest challenge of his political career, Donald Trump failed miserably. By the time he left office in January of 2021, nearly 500,000 Americans had died of the virus.

JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

Conservative pundits and media members, though, are trying to gaslight the public on the reality of Trump’s performance. Chris Christie gave a perfect example of this on Sunday. The former New Jersey Governor said that Joe Biden should credit Trump for vaccines.

Christie made the comments during an appearance on ABC’s This Week. He began, “And I was disappointed in the speech the other night because I think that you have got to give President Trump some credit for the fact that Operation Warp Speed happened, along with the pharma industry in this country and around the world. We’re saving the world now.”

The former New Jersey lawmaker continued, “It won’t kill President Biden to be able to say, hey, listen, Donald Trump did that part of it right. By investing in these vaccines, we now have hundreds of millions of doses, and I’m going to build on it, and I’m going to make it better. That would be fine.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of ABC:

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