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Choosing Sides: McConnell/Trump Feud Isn’t Going As Ex-President Expected, Says Mitt Romney

Choosing Sides: McConnell/Trump Feud Isn’t Going As Ex-President Expected, Says Mitt Romney

Donald Trump has never forgiven Mitch McConnell for not taking his side when he was pushing false election conspiracy theories between the 2020 Presidential Election and the Georgia special elections for U.S. Senate. While Trump was pushing for a reversal of his loss, McConnell was reportedly warning colleagues that embracing the lies would risk losing Republicans the Senate. Since then, Trump hasn’t stopped attacking McConnell — but if his goal is to knock the GOP Senate Leader out of power, one insider says it’s not working.

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Trump has released numerous statements attacking McConnell’s every move, calling him “the old crow” and blaming him for the lost election.

If his plan is to drive a wedge between McConnell and the rest of the GOP, though, to push McConnell out of the position of Republican leadership, at least one Republican Senator isn’t afraid to step forward and say the effort is failing.

According to Newsweek, Mitt Romney (R-UT) says there is nothing but support for McConnell within the GOP.

“I think there’s full support for Mitch McConnell. I haven’t heard anything other than a solid support for his continued leadership. People are always trying to placate Donald Trump. I don’t fall in that camp, of course. But I wouldn’t attribute that as a comment about Mitch McConnell as much as a comment about Donald Trump.”

As for McConnell, his leadership style shows no sign of changing — he’s still proudly leading Senate Republicans in a pattern of blocking progressive legislation, refusing to even open matters for debate, and fighting to keep in place the filibuster that currently prevents the slim Democratic majority from passing anything without Republican support.

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