China Mocks Donald Trump For Fleeing To Bunker, Hiding From Protestors

As protestors demonstrated in the vicinity of the White House over the weekend, President Donald Trump reportedly retreated into the underground bunker intended to protect in the event of terrorist attacks. Across social media, Trump was mocked for the safety measure. However, it wasn’t just America’s anti-Trumpers who had a laugh at the president’s caution. He was reportedly also ridiculed on China’s state media, after weeks of attacking China over the spread of COVID-19.

China mocks Trump protest response
[Photo by Yasin Ozturk/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images]

Time reported on Sunday that Secret Service had ushered Trump into the White House bunker as protestors pulled at police barriers and shouted for justice. Though the White House refused to confirm this officially, it was reported to media by a Republican connected to the administration, and by an administration official, both on condition of anonymity.

Voters and social media users responded to the news by mocking Trump, or comparing his retreat to Joe Biden’s (with protective face covering in place) actual on-the-ground response and interaction with protestors.

However, Trump’s retreat didn’t just provoke mockery from the American public. According to RawStory, China chimed in too — on state media.

Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of nationalist tabloid Global Times, reportedly called the president out on hypocrisy, saying that the U.S. government finds protests in Hong Kong justified, but considers those in the United States to be unlawful and unjust. He offered advice: “Mr. President, don’t go hide behind the secret service. Go to talk to the demonstrators seriously. Negotiate with them, just like you urged Beijing to talk to Hong Kong rioters.”

Foreign ministry spokesman Lijian Zhao called for the United States to work to eliminate racism and discrimination, and retweeted a post saying that the U.S. “stands on the necks of African Americans.”

It’s not clear whether Melania and Barron Trump were also moved into the bunker, or were present in the White House at the time. Protocol would typically involve their protection as well, if they were on the premises. The decision to move the president and his family to a protected area would lie with their security staff.

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