‘Chilling’ and ‘Earth-Shattering’ Describe Michael Cohen’s Trump Testimony this Week

Trump apparently couldn’t have picked a better week to head out of the United States than this week, if you ask those familiar with Michael Cohen’s upcoming testimony.

Over the next three days Cohen will be testifying under oath to three different Congressional committees, with Wednesday being the day in which he does so in public, on live television.

One source working closely with Cohen to jog his memory tells Vanity Fair, “Some things that are earth-shattering are right in front of your nose, and the reason you don’t know that they’re earth-shattering is because they’re right in front of you.”

According to Business Insider, Cohen will not only testify to criminal activity and immoral behavior conducted by Donald Trump, but he’s prepared to show evidence of “lies, racism, and cheating” on the part of his former boss.

Cohen is also said to be planning to reveal damaging financial information about Mr. Trump, including the fact that he lied about his net worth on several occasions, and even lied to avoid taxes, according to Business Insider.

It appears as if tomorrow’s testimony will be the most damaging from an immediate standpoint, as it will take place in public.  However, unlike the closed door meetings in which Cohen will have with Congress today and on Thursday, he will not be permitted to discuss the Russia probe at all.

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