Chief of Staff John Kelly is Reportedly Ready to ‘Resign in the coming days’

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins is reporting that President Trump’s Chief of Staff John Kelly is on the verge of turning in his resignation, according to sources she has spoken to within the White House.

Collins, in a tweet moments ago said that: “John Kelly is expected to resign soon, I’m told. Trump and Kelly are essentially at a stalemate in their relationship and it’s no longer seen as tenable by either party. They have stopped speaking in recent days, I’m told. Of course, it’s all ultimately up to Trump.”

CNN’s Brian Stelter then followed up with a tweet of his own, claiming that Kelly is expected to resign in the “coming days”.

The White House Senior Staff meeting, which is typically led by John Kelly, was also cancelled this morning, according to ABC News Chief WH Correspondent Jonathan Karl, leading some to believe that Kelly’s exit could come as soon as today.

The feud between Kelly and Trump does not come as a surprise.  It has been talked about for months that Kelly could perhaps be leaving. It was even reported back in October that Trump had tried to fire Kelly but failed.

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