Chief of Staff John Kelly Expected to Depart WH as Soon as this Week

There has been a lot of speculation concerning Chief of Staff John Kelly, pretty much ever since he took over for Reince Priebus in the middle of last year.  Now the Wall Street Journal’s Rebecca Balhaus and Peter Nicholas report that John Kelly may depart the White House as early as this week.

Caricature of John Kelly – Source: Flickr – donkeyhotey

Kelly, who has had his ups and downs as Trump’s Chief of Staff, is said to be leaving sometime this summer, which officially comes to an end on September 22.  The White House has not confirmed this report, which the Wall Street Journal says is sourced from “people familiar with the matter”. It’s also worth noting that reports like this have turned out to be inaccurate in the past.

According to the WSJ though, the two front-runners to replace Kelly are the head of the Office of Management and Budget / Acting Director of the Consumer Financial Protections Bureau, Mitch Mulvaney, as well as VP Mike Pence’s current Chief of Staff Nick Ayers.

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