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Chicago Tribune Columnist: The Demise of QAnon is Well Underway

Chicago Tribune Columnist: The Demise of QAnon is Well Underway

The QAnon conspiracy theory has gripped America as long as Donald Trump has been president. Adherents to the theory, like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert are now in the House of Representatives. And during the 1/6 insurrection, rioters waved QAnon flags and sported QAnon gear.

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But the movement has taken quite a hit since Trump left office. QAnoner’s were obsessed with the idea that Trump would soon be placed back in office. That clearly hasn’t happened and clearly will not happen. Writing for the Chicago Tribune, Virginia Heffernan talked about the demise of the movement.

“QAnon, who made a messiah out of former President Donald Trump, was always bound to lose steam,” she wrote. “It will follow the arc of furious, loopy-loo American conspiracy theories that have existed since before the Civil War. Cults like QAnon burn bright, and they fade fast.”

The columnist continued, “QAnon’s demise, in fact, is well underway. Its leader, Q, a figure from the internet’s dark side, is now widely suspected to be the creation of Jim and Ron Watkins. The Watkins men are a seedy father-son duo in Asia who serve up pornography and hate speech online.”

Heffernan closes her piece, “QAnoners who are still on board aren’t sure what any of it means anymore. Some have stopped talking about Trump and now just preach antisemitism. Others urge supporters to take on debt because somehow the future belongs to cryptocurrency and the Iraqi dinar. Orthodox Q types, whose numbers are diminishing, are presumably still waiting for tribunals for Trump’s enemies and, of course, the storm.”

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