Cheerleader’s College Acceptance Revoked After Racial Slurs In Snapchat Post

A cheerleader is learning about the consequences of racist behaviors after having her college acceptance revoked. In a video posted to Snapchat, Mimi Groves uses the ‘n-word’ racial slur. Internet sleuths quickly dug up other examples of her using the racial slur on social media. Others who are currently or will soon be attending Groves’ chosen school, University of Tennessee, made quick work of the information, contacting UT to say that they don’t want to share a campus with someone who openly uses racist language. The college soon responded to declare that Groves’ invitation to attend the school has been revoked.

University of Tenn won't take cheerleader after racial slurs
[Photo by Donald Page/Getty Images]

First, let’s be super clear that racial slurs and other strong language can be heard and/or seen in videos and images below. Please use discretion in viewing. In this first video, Groves says, “I can drive, n******.”

She captions another post with the same slur.

UT’s vol_cheer Instagram account posts photos and names of incoming team members, and Groves was among them. Other Instagram users complained that commenting was turned off on Groves’ acceptance post, as many used it as an outlet to object to her acceptance and presence at the school

Individuals who identified themselves as Groves’ hypothetical future schoolmates, if she should proceed to University of Tennessee’s Knoxville campus as planned, called for the school to rethink her acceptance.

Some specifically complained that the university took time to review the complaints, rather than acting quickly. UT Knoxville addressed both the procedure and the prospective student in a series of tweets Thursday.

Actions may not always have immediate consequences, and racist language has a history of being excused or overlooked in U.S. society. However, it appears that we’re moving into an era where racist actions and words could actually have consequences.

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