Cheaters Don't Like Getting Caught: Kamala Harris Rips Trump Apart in Michigan Speech

Kamala Harris has had a quiet vice presidency, mostly working behind the scenes. The former attorney general, however, can be quite effective when going out on the attack. And it is not all that difficult to attack Donald Trump these days. 

The Vice President was the keynote speaker last night at the Michigan Democratic Party Legacy Dinner. And when the topic came to Donald Trump she did not hold back on his legal problems. 

Harris told supporters, "You know why he complains? Beause the reality is, cheaters don’t like getting caught." She continued:

"Just look at the facts. Over the course of 6 weeks, a jury of 12 Americans reviewed the evidence. His defense attorney actively participated in selecting that jury. And actively made decisions about which witnesses to call and cross examine. And the jury came back with a unanimous decision. Guilty on 34 counts."

The Vice President also discussed how the former President has consistently used threats of violence in an attempt to avoid punishment, "And since the verdict, he attacks the judge and the witnesses. He suggests the case could be a 'breaking point” for his supporters, hinting at violence. He spreads lies that our Administration is controlling this case when everyone knows it was a state prosecution. And he says that he will use a second term for revenge."