Charlie Sykes Pens Obituary for GOP: ‘The Crackpots, Conspiracists and Bigots Have Won’

MSNBC columnist Charlie Sykes penned an op-ed on Sunday in what amounted to an obituary for the modern Republican Party. Sykes, a self-identified conservative, believes that the GOP as we knew it before it was taken over by Donald Trump and his delusional loyalists is unsalvageable.

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“The crackpots, conspiracists and bigots have won, and there is no point pretending that this is a party that can be salvaged anytime soon. As Jeff Greenfield notes in Politico, there is no civil war in the Republican Party — there is only a ‘purge,'” wrote Sykes.

“This is a party that remains in total thrall not just to Donald Trump, but to his lies as well. A recent poll found that fully 70 percent of Republican voters refuse to believe that Joe Biden won enough votes to be president. A Monmouth poll found 65 percent of GOP voters believe that Biden’s win was the result of voter fraud,” he said.

The ouster of Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) as the House GOP Conference Chair, Sykes continued, demonstrated that the party no longer welcomes people who dissent from Trump’s “Big Lie” about the 2020 election, among many issues.

Republican “men and women like [Congressman] Matt Gaetz [FL], [Senator] Josh Hawley [MO], [Congresswoman] Marjorie Taylor Greene [GA], [Senator] Ted Cruz [TX], [Representative Paul] Gosar [AZ], [Senator] Ron Johnson [WY], and [Representative Andrew] Clyde [GA] all members in good standing. But Liz Cheney, who insisted on telling the truth, is exiled,” said Sykes. “What clearer signal could my fellow signatories be waiting for? The vote to oust Cheney was as clear as it gets: We are no longer welcome in the GOP.”

Sykes concluded that the GOP’s descent into Trumpian madness is irreversible and that the only choice for sane Republicans is to form a new political party.

“Over the last five years, Republicans have shown willingness to accept — or least ignore — lies, racism, corruption, sexism and xenophobia. It was Donald Trump’s party then — but now it is worse. Now it is a party increasingly willing to embrace sedition, conspiracies, anti-democratic authoritarianism and the Big Lie,” Sykes lamented. “Letting go is hard, but it’s time say goodbye. Even if it means that some of us will find ourselves in the political wilderness.”

The full editorial is available by clicking here.

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