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Charlie Kirk Slammed For Swapping Races In Murder Headline

Charlie Kirk Slammed For Swapping Races In Murder Headline

Right-wing commentator Charlie Kirk is being slammed on social media after he reversed the facts in a news story to suggest that a Pakistani immigrant had murdered two Black teenagers. He complained that the media wasn’t covering the murder. In fact, it was the two teenagers (whose identities, including race, have not been made public) who murdered the immigrant, Mohammad Anwar, and has been covered by major media sources.

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Though Kirk deleted the original tweet without an explanation or admission of error, and replaced it with one with the corrected information, plenty of Twitter users were able to catch screenshots before he did so.

He asked if “the media” would cover the murder, and “why are they silent.”

In the corrected version, Kirk did describe Anwar as being the victim, though not by name, and he still omitted that it was in the process of an attempted carjacking, and has not been established to be a racially-based attack, and continued to question the media’s supposed silence. He continued to identify the teenagers as Black, though this has not been reported and the identity of minors is not typically released.

Yet, here is CNN‘s story about the murder. Washington Post covered it here. NBC covered it here.

The coverage broadly explains that the two would-be carjackers, girls aged 13 and 15, have not been identified publicly, but are being charged with murder, and that they were attacking the driver with a taser in an attempt to steal the vehicle, and instead caused a fatal wreck. The Washington Post article notes that while juvenile proceedings are typically closed to press, journalists were permitted to view a portion of the teenagers’ initial hearing, which took place by video conference, but forbidden to disclose identifying details of the underaged girls.

Kirk was slammed on three major points: First, that he reversed the story initially, second, that he falsely claims the media isn’t covering it, and third, that he’s only concerned about presenting something as a ‘hate crime’ when the perpetrator is not white.

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Also, he’s been asked not to use this murder to provoke racial hatred and prejudice.


Kirk has not responded to any of the corrections or criticism of his effort to stoke division. Carjackings, including by juveniles, have reportedly been on the rise in D.C., with 23 arrests of individuals between the ages of 12 and 17 for the crime so far this year.

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