Charlie Kirk has an X Meltdown Over Democrats Increasing Fundraising Lead

Donald Trump had a brainstorm while he was rapidly running out of cash due to his mounting legal bills. He could take over the RNC and funnel the money's organization away from supporting Conservative candidate's campaigns and using it to pay his lawyers.

At the same time, Joe Biden's fundraising numbers are quite good. And on Thursday night, the President is holding an event in New York City that will feature former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. An irate Charlie Kirk had a meltdown over the event on X Thursday afternoon. 

"Tonight will be the largest fundraiser in political history," he began. "$25,000,000 in hard money raised in a single evening for Biden. This is more raised in one night than Trump raised the entire month of February."

The post continued, "Democrats are beginning to fine tune their messaging, and they have a standing army of 5,000+ full-time organizers on the ground in the key states. We are outgunned and will be outspent. The polls are tightening. Time to get to work. The country is at stake."

It is not clear exactly what Kirk's goal is here. If his followers decide to send the RNC money, its not going to help candidates in their races against Democratic candidates, it is only going to help to pay Trump's bills.