Charlie Kirk Compares Kamala Harris To KKK Grand Wizard

“We haven’t seen this kind of race-baiting since Grand Wizards were allowed on tv,” Charlie Kirk declared after the Wednesday evening debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris. He’s complaining because she called out Donald Trump, saying that of 50 lifetime appointments to the Court of Appeals, “not one is Black.”

Kamala Harris as racist as KKK Grand Wizard, according to Charlie Kirk
[Photo by ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images]
Charlie K

“Such a chilling comment….she’s a racist!” Kirk declared breathlessly, as her introduced a clip from the debate. In that clip, Senator Harris calls out Donald Trump’s appointments, noting that multiple of them have been vetted and deemed unqualified for the position, but will still serve in it for life, and pointing out that none of these appointees is Black.

He declares that the equivalent of her comment hasn’t been seen since KKK Grand Wizards were allowed on TV. (David Duke has appeared on C-SPAN this year, specifically to tout the pride he says white Americans should have.)

While Kirk may feel that pointing out inequity is racist, it’s hardly the first time Trump has been called out. He was recently criticized for declaring that a virtually all-white group of supporters had “good genes” — a line straight out of Nazi propaganda. The whiteness of the Republican party has been a matter of concern for voters for some time. It stands out to such a degree that when Senator Tim Scott responded to Donald Trump’s refusal to condemn white supremacy during the first presidential debate, news stories and social media posts about his response described him as “the only Black Republican Senator.”

The whiteness of the Republican party isn’t going unnoticed by voters, and Kirk’s offense at having it mentioned allowed isn’t changing it.

Kirk goes on to declare that caring about the color of a person’s skin is a Democrat-linked trait, and that Republicans, and Donald Trump, do not care about skin color. Here are some of Kirk’s tweets from a single month this past summer.

Bloomberg confirms that in Trump’s first two years alone, he had 6 judges confirmed who were rated “not qualified” by the American Bar Association — one of whom required Mike Pence to step in as a tiebreaker to complete his nomination, due to the Senate’s divide.

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