Charlie Kirk Claims the Founding Fathers Would Have Used the Military to Stop Drag Queens From Reading to Kids

Charlie Kirk, the provocative right-wing podcaster and acolyte of former President Donald Trump, said on The Charlie Kirk Show on Tuesday that the Founding Fathers would have deployed the military to stop drag queens from reading books to children.


Apparently, Kirk believes that such activity endangers not only the lives and well-being of kids but also poses a significant risk to national security and violates liberty, somehow.

“One of the lies about the Founding Fathers is that they were strictly small-l libertarians, that they had no sort of commentary or, or respect for a transcendent moral order. That’s just not true, and I’m going to kinda parlay this into fiscal policy and we can obviously talk about it at a different time when it comes to moral-type issues,” Kirk said without any irony.

“For example, let me just tell you this: If Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, or John Adams saw Drag Queen Story Hour, they would mobilize the Minutemen,” Kirk declared of the first Secretary of the Treasury and the first three presidents of the United States of America, all of whom except for Adams owned slaves and firmly believed that only wealthy, white male landowners should have the right to vote.

“If Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, or Thomas Jefferson, or John Adams, would see what [President] Joe Biden just invited to the White House they would be displeased, let’s put it that way,” said Kirk.

This is a ballistically nutty assertion, even for Kookie Kirk.

Watch below via Media Matters for America researcher Jason Campbell:

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