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Charlie Kirk Brags About Harassing TSA Agent Who Asked Him to Wear a Mask

Charlie Kirk Brags About Harassing TSA Agent Who Asked Him to Wear a Mask

Professional right-wing troll Charlie Kirk – the founder of Turning Point USA – encouraged his fans to see how far into an airport they can go until they are either forced to put on masks or removed by security during a speech at his organization’s annual Student Action Summit in Tampa, Florida.


After complaining about how “micro-tyrants” – a term he concocted for individuals whom “no one voted for, that never ran for office, that will start screaming at you because you have your mask one millimeter below your nose” that ask others to properly wear masks – have too much power, Kirk recalled a time when he harassed a Transportation Security Administration agent who ordered him to cover his face.

“I have a TSA story I could go through as well. There’s this woman without a mask, looking at her phone. I try to — by the way, you guys should all play this game alongside of me; it’s a lot of fun. It’s how far can you get through the airport without them telling you to put on a mask? All of you guys, it’s really fun. Has anyone actually boarded a plane before? I’ve heard stories of this. That’s awesome!”

Kirk bragged about badgering the agent after she threatened to arrest him.

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“First of all, you have way too much power. Like, that might be a real badge, but you’re not deputized in the name of the law. Like, you don’t have handcuffs, like, you know? Like, maybe if you have to like pat me down or something. You gotta just scream it,” said Kirk. “And that kinda goes to this point though, is that when we do not fight on the little things, all of a sudden you have this voluminous style of laws, rules, and regulations of then whoever is in charge gets to deem who they get to enforce against it.”

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