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Charles Koch Admits Past Mistakes, Talks About Working With Biden/Harris in the Future

Charles Koch Admits Past Mistakes, Talks About Working With Biden/Harris in the Future

Each political party has its share of mega-donors. When people think of mega-donors on the left, the first name is likely George Soros, who is frequently demonized by Fox News. When people think of mega-donors on the right, they often think of the Koch brothers.

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There is now only one Koch brother, Charles. David Koch, the more Conservative of the brothers, died in 2019. While Charles still donated to a number of Republican candidates this election cycle, he is talking about moving more to the center. In a recent talk with the Wall St. Journal, he said his goal is to, “unite a diversity of people behind a common goal.”

In addition to the interview with the Journal, Koch also has an upcoming book. In the book, he talks about regretting his actions during the Obama administration.

“Boy, did we screw up!” he reportedly wrote. “What a mess! We did not create the tea party. We shared their concern about unsustainable government spending, and we supported some tea-party groups on that issue. But it seems to me the tea party was largely unsuccessful long-term, given that we’re coming off a Republican administration with the largest government spending in history.”

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Koch also said of the upcoming administration, “I congratulate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on their victory. I look forward to finding ways to work with them to break down the barriers holding people back, whether in the economy, criminal justice, immigration, the Covid-19 pandemic, or anywhere else. At the same time, I hope we all use this post-election period to find a better way forward. Because of partisanship, we’ve come to expect too much of politics and too little of ourselves and one another.”

You can read the full interview here 

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