Cesar Sayoc Had List of Over 100 People He Considered Mailing Bombs To

As law enforcement officials dig deeper into the life and plans of mail bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc, they have discovered that if he had not been apprehended, it was very likely that dozens of additional individuals would have received pipe bombs in the mail as well.

NBC reports that, according to authorities, Sayoc had a list of over 100 individuals who he had considered sending bombs to. This list included prominent politicians, entertainers and journalists.

Although authorities have not publicly released this list, as they’re likely afraid of possible copycat attempts, they have been reaching out to these individuals privately to notify them that they were in fact likely targets of Mr. Sayoc.

Authorities were able to quickly track down and arrest Sayoc last week after pipe bombs were mailed to a dozen different politicians, entertainers, former US government officials, and well-known Democratic donors including Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Robert De Niro, John Brennan, James Clapper and others.

Today yet another suspicious package was found in Atlanta, addressed to CNN, which authorities believe is linked to the other devices found last week.

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