CDC Caves to Trump On School Re-Openings

With the United States leading the world in COVID19 cases and deaths, Donald Trump is demanding schools be reopened this fall. The CDC, which should be setting the guidelines for this administration to follow and not the other way around, has caved in and updated their standards.

This news comes directly on the heels of the announcement that Trump has withdrawn the United States from the World Heath Organization, which has been in place since 1948 without any interference from any country’s leadership until now.

While colleges and universities are exploring the idea of online-only classes, parents of school-age children are worrying about more than just the learning aspect of school. Parents still working outside the home count on those school hours so they don’t have to worry about paying for childcare. If K-12 goes online-only, those parents may have to seek at-home work.

Dr. Robert Redfield, the Director of the CDC, claims that they’re “considerations” for school reopenings, but with cases rising drastically daily in more states than not, the question remains as to why this administration is pushing so hard to reopen schools at all. Calling school closures a “political move” is just the latest gaslighting attempt from the least educated President in history.

Raed Mansour/Flickr; Gage Skidmore/Flickr

As we get closer to September, it will ultimately fall to the states to decide whether or not to reopen public schools, as have most of the decisions regarding any reopenings. Teachers will once again have to advocate for their students in the face of an administration that isn’t invested in the health or wellbeing of its constituents.



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