Catholic Churches Removing Holy Water Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Holy water in Catholic Churches is about as American as Apple Pie — until now, that is.

It seems that the Roman Catholic Church will be taking precautions to address the spread of coronavirus, with fonts of holy water being removed from the entrances of churches. Additionally, instead of taking communion directly on one’s tongue, many will receive the holy sacrament by hand instead.


Aside from these precautions, parishioners will be asked to stay away from services if they are not feeling well. Other measures are being put into place as well, such as not having parishioners share the holy chalice from which to drink the blood of Christ.

These and other precautions come at an especially significant time, as Catholics and other Christians everywhere observe Lent, the holy season of forty days that leads up to Easter. The measures will likely remain in place during this time.

The Catholic Diocese of Syracuse, New York, seems to be taking no chances at all when it comes to COVID-19, as they are modifying rules with regards to Communion and other traditional Catholic practices. In addition to handheld Communion, waves are acceptable at Assumption Church, as are bows, in place of handshakes.

Friar Rick Riccioli had the obvious suggestion of installing hand sanitizer dispensers, but such things are much more expensive than usual due to the opportunists who have been preying on people’s panic and desperation. This hinders the church’s ability to protect people.

“Things that cost $75 now are costing $890, so some people are taking advantage of the situation, unfortunately,” Riccioli said.

Hopefully, more people put their religiosity aside and learn to use a bit of common sense.

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