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Carter Page FISA Warrant Released — Discredits Devin Nunes’ Narrative

Carter Page FISA Warrant Released — Discredits Devin Nunes’ Narrative

For months, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes, and fellow Republicans on the same committee have been attacking the FBI over a FISA warrant issued against Trump campaign advisor, Carter Page back in October 2016.

Nunes and fellow Republicans claimed that the warrant was ‘illegal’ and ‘fraudulent,’ without any evidence of such.  The warrant was the subject of the much-hyped Republican memo released by House Intelligence Committee Republicans back in February, claiming that a group of politically-biased FBI employees abused the FISA warrant process.

Shortly after the Nunes memo was released, the Democrats released a memo of their own, refuting many of the claims made by their House counterparts. After all was said and done, the public really wasn’t left any more informed than they were prior to either memo being released.

Now, after five months, the actual 412-page FISA warrant has finally been released thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, and it appears to show that the Democrats were correct, while it discredits Devin Nunes.

Nunes stated that a Yahoo News article in which Christopher Steele was the source, was used to corroborate the Steele dossier.  Democrats, on the other hand, refuted this claim in their memo, saying that this was not at all why the Yahoo News article was referenced.

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The warrant’s release today proves that the only reason the Yahoo News article was used in the warrant was to simply show that Carter Page denied cooperation with Russia.

Below you can find the redacted warrant in its entirety:

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