Carnival Cruise Lines Announces Resumption Of Services After COVID-19 Traps Ships At Sea

Carnival Cruise Lines to resume trips
[Image Credit: NoTalkMan / CC0]
Just weeks ago, vacationers aboard cruise ships found themselves trapped, with ports refusing the ships admission as the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the globe. Now, Carnival Cruise Lines is announcing they will soon reopen, with cruises beginning again in August.

Carnival Cruise Line announced on Twitter Monday morning that they will be continuing to assess the COVID-19 pandemic, but plan to reopen in phases, with the first cruises resuming in August.

In response to safety concerns, the company has released a video about handwashing techniques, hand sanitizer use, coughing into elbows, and avoiding hugs and handshakes (which Carnival suggests could be replaced with “the sign of the funnel” or a thumbs up.

They’re also touting their own changes in routine, with increased sanitization, personnel monitoring buffets and changing serving utensils more frequently, and new hand sanitizer dispenser placement.

From mid-March to early April, over a dozen cruise ships were stranded as ports refused entry, CNN reported. Included in this number were a Royal Carribean ship whose captain could be heard in a leaked recording admitting that 14 crew members were sick with coronavirus, and a Phoenix ship that had to disembark dozens of passengers into hospitals for quarantine after positive COVID-19 tests.

Cruise lines, including Carnival, voluntarily suspended operations, and have extended those breaks as the pandemic continued. Most recently Carnival had extended their hiatus through most of June, with an expected return to business on June 27. However, when searching for August, the company is offering numerous trips scheduled to leave from Florida and Texas ports.

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