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Carlson Guest Bernie Kerik: Black Men Must Learn Chivalry and Respect

Carlson Guest Bernie Kerik: Black Men Must Learn Chivalry and Respect

Bernard Kerik served as New York City’s Police Commissioner from 2000-2001. He is, perhaps, best remembered as overseeing the city’s police force during the September 11th attacks. Following a career in law enforcement, Kerik was appointed to be the Interim Minister of the Interior in Iraq.

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Kerik’s political career ended in disgrace when he was convicted on 8 felony tax and false statement charges. He was, unsurprisingly, pardoned by President Donald Trump. And last night Kerik was invited to appear on Tucker Carlson’s show. During that appearance, he claimed that black men need to learn civility and respect.

The former Police Commissioner told the Fox host, “When you listen to what was said, especially by that mongrel thug that found it entertaining that these two had been shot, you know, and you listen to the Democrats talking about reimagining the police, well, reimagine this.”

Kerik continued:

“Reimagine that your communities, where they are systemically slaughtering black men and women, how about the men in those communities have chivalry and respect and discipline, where they’re not basically slaughtering — slaughtering their own, and you’re holding them accountable. 

Because that’s what’s going on, and nobody is doing anything about it. They all find this entertaining. The bottom line is for all of those people that’s voting for the Democrats in those cities and voting for Joe Biden, this is going to be the future if you don’t stop it and stop it now.”

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Watch a video of the comments below, courtesy of Media Matters:

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