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Carl Bernstein Says GOP Senators are Making Plans in Case Trump Refuses to Leave Office

Carl Bernstein Says GOP Senators are Making Plans in Case Trump Refuses to Leave Office

When Donald Trump goes to rallies or looks at his numbers in the papers, he considers himself to be a very popular president. His advisers, however, reportedly stopped showing him any negative polls months ago. So in his mind, Trump thinks he is a shoo-in to win reelection.

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In reality, though, Trump has a very difficult road back to the White House. And even if he does lose, the president has repeatedly hinted that he would refuse to leave office. According to Carl Bernstein, GOP senators are acutely aware of this possibility. Bernstein recently told CNN that Republicans are coming up with a plan if Trump won’t commit to a peaceful transition of power.

The legendary journalist told CNN’s Ana Cabrera, “There are about 6,8,10 Republicans in the senate who are talking with each other about how to restrain what they regard as an out-of-control, almost madman…who is determined to do anything to hold on to office regardless of its legality.”

Bernstein also noted that the lawmakers are, “terribly, terribly concerned about what they regard as the president’s unconstitutional and unthinkable acts to undermine the electoral process.”

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The former Washington Post writer closed by saying, “I think he’s been very strenuous about telling people around him that he intends to use every tool at his command to see that there is no way that the Democrats and Joe Biden can win this election. The only way would be a landslide that would be … undeniable.”



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