Cardinal Dolan: Trump is Particularly Sensitive to Religious Community

Donald Trump has had a special relationship with a number of different religious leaders. Support from Jerry Falwell Jr. and the Evangelical church on a whole helped propel him to the White House in the Fall of 2016.

Photo Via Wikimedia Commons

With a tough election looming in the coming months, Trump is attempting to strengthen his support from religious higher-ups. The President held a call with Catholic leaders on Saturday. During a Monday appearance on Fox and Friends, Cardinal James Dolan discussed the call and effusively praised Trump.

The New York City based religious figure said of Trump, “I really salute his leadership.”

Dolan took the time to praise the actions of Mayor Bill DeBlasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo, but then came back to Trump. “Everybody has really come through, but the president has seemed particularly sensitive to the, what shall I say, to the feelings of the religious community,” he continued.

The Cardinal was also supportive of Trump’s message during the Saturday call and the President’s commitment to Catholic schools.

Dolan reportedly said during the call, “Never has the outlook financially looked more bleak, but perhaps never has the outlook looked more promising given the energetic commitment that your administration has to our schools. We need you more than ever.”

Trump ended the call with a warning to the Catholic leaders about the 2020 election. “I hope that everyone gets out and votes and does what they have to do,” he told them. “You’re going to have a very different Catholic Church (if Trump is defeated).”


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