Captain America Actor Lays Into Trump Over Coronavirus Presser

Captain American star Chris Edwards is none too happy with President Donald Trump. This is nothing new; after all, the actor’s social media is riddled with criticisms of the president and his clown show of an Administration.

Evans’s latest broadside against Trump was how he behaved during a Sunday press conference in which he updated the nation on the coronavirus. Evans tweeted:

“The president just ran off stage after his rambling press conference without answering a single question. America wants answers. America wants leadership. America doesn’t want a president who runs off stage during a crisis and lets Mike Pence do all the talking.”

Of course, the Trump Administration will likely come up with some excuse about how Mike Pence is heading up the coronavirus task force, and therefore it is perfectly appropriate that the vice president would do the bulk of the addressing of the press and the nation. But, the buck stops at the top, and unfortunately, Trump is at the top.

The White House put out yet another vapid statement about how all is well and how everyone is making sure that stores are stocked with the things American families will need to stay abreast of the coronavirus and to keep everyone safe.

It’s all a steaming pile of you-know-what, of course. None of these people have any idea what they are doing, to all of our peril.

Chris Evans is right: Trump ran off that stage because he has no idea what is going on, and the COVID-19 outbreak is just getting worse and worse. It will continue to do so as well with these jokers in charge.

It’s a real shame when a movie actor knows more about a global crisis than the president of the United States. And let’s face it — it’s pretty bad when Captain America himself can’t stand the commander-in-chief.

Featured image credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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