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Capitol Rioters Found To Have Not Voted

Capitol Rioters Found To Have Not Voted

At least eight of the people who face charges for rioting at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 didn’t even vote in the election whose “steal” they were trying to stop. CNN analyzed voting records from states where the individuals were arrested and states where public records show where they have lived.

One of those is Donovan Crowl, a member of the extremist group the Oath Keepers. He’s the 50-year-old ex-Marine who was seen in paramilitary garb charging toward a Capitol entrance as the pro-Trump crowd chanted “who’s our president?”

Crowl was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of destruction of government property and conspiracy for allegedly coordinating the attack with others. He remains in custody. A judge in his case said, “The suggestion to release him to a residence with nine firearms is a non-starter.”

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A county election official in Ohio told CNN that Cowl had registered in 2013 but “never voted nor responded to any of our confirmation notices to keep him registered” so he was deleted from the voter rolls at the end of 2020. The network also found that another non-voter is the 65-year-old Georgia man who was arrested near the Capitol with a loaded gun and ammunition in his van. The same goes for a Louisiana man who publicly bragged about having spent nearly two hours inside the Capitol after attending the Trump “Stop the Steal” rally.

Another who didn’t participate in the election she was protesting is the 21-year-old Missouri woman who shared a Snapchat video showing her parading around with a piece of a wooden sign from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office.

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