Capitol Insurrectionist Sneers, Mocks Reporter Who Caught Him Counting Arizona Ballots

Anthony Kern, formerly a member of the Arizona House of Representatives, appears in photos at the insurrection attempt at the U.S. Capitol Building in January. Despite that, he was allowed to participate in the state’s election audit. In fact, a reporter who caught him at it and thought the public should know was kicked out after tweeting a photo. Now Kern wants that reporter charged with a Federal crime.

[Photo by Michael Robinson Chavez/The Washington Post via Getty Images]

Anthony Kern posted many tweets leading up to the insurrection day, and on the day of, promoting the event and making clear that he was a participant.

Then, he joined others in Arizona to recount ballots in the election — something “Stop the Steal” advocates have fought for ever since Joe Biden won the state.

Multiple reporters caught photos showing that the same ex-legislator who was at the Capitol in January — not exactly a neutral party in election matters — was taking part in ballot counting.

However, Ryan Randozzo, for AZ Central, was kicked out after taking a photo that showed the Stop The Steal activist counting ballots. When he spotted Kern, he thought it was relevant news to share with the public, and tweeted a few shots.

Unfortunately, someone in security didn’t agree, and Randozzo was relegated to the parking lot. He says that the situation is being misrepresented, with a false claim that he broke a judge’s order, when in truth reporters only had an agreement not to show “discernible info on ballots,” but were allowed to show faces.

Now Kern is mocking the reporter on Twitter, and calling for Federal charges. To repeat that, the former legislator who participated in the events of Capitol Insurrection Day, and is now participating in a vote count in his state’s election audit, wants a reporter to face Federal charges for letting the world know. He’s framing it as though Randozzo was showing ballot information.

It’s not clear whether Kern entered the Capitol Building or directly participated in any of the violence that day, and he hasn’t been charged. What is clear is his participation, and his promotion, like Trump (who you may remember was impeached for this) of the Big Lie that the election was ‘stolen.’

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