Capitol Hill Rioters Chanted “Hang Mike Pence” As They Sought The Vice President And Others

Invading the Capitol building Wednesday, rioters sought Vice President Mike Pence, who had just issued a statement explaining that he didn’t have the authority to reject electoral votes and keep Donald Trump in office against the will of the American people. “Hang Mike Pence!” they chanted, as they made their way through the building with restraint implements.

Mike Pence targeted by Trump supporters
[Photo by Erin Schaff – Pool/Getty Images]

In video clips from the event, rioters breaking into the Capitol building can be heard chanting, “Hang Mike Pence! Hang Mike Pence!” According to FTMZ, several also had zip ties with them, potentially for use as handcuffs or restraints.

The chant doesn’t appear to have been a sporadic expression of emotion by those actually busting into the building, either — Reuters photographer Jim Bourg says that he personally overheard protestors saying they hoped to find the Vice President and hang him.

While legislators were moved to a secure location, the Trump supporters broke into Nancy Pelosi’s office, among others, taking selfies with police, and being photographed and videoed as they destroyed or stole items from the building. A scaffold and noose were erected on the grounds, bedecked with an American flag, while the crowd made terroristic threats.

Multiple improvised explosive devices were also found in the area.

USA Today is reporting that Pence is angry with Trump for his role in the attack, while for his part, the president has called the VP a ‘coward’ and restricted his advisors’ access to the White House. However, Pence is reportedly not moving forward with 25th Amendment procedures to remove an incompetent or dangerous president, and has made no public comment about being made a target through Trump’s rhetoric.

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