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Candace Owens Unhappy Over FBI “Showing Up At Doors” To Investigate Capitol Attack

Candace Owens Unhappy Over FBI “Showing Up At Doors” To Investigate Capitol Attack

The FBI is continuing to investigate to get to the roots of the January 6th attack on the nation, and on Democracy, and Candace Owens is not happy about it. She tweeted Wednesday evening to complain about Federal law enforcement agents visiting the homes of suspects.

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As Owens complained about the investigation, she never explicitly said whether agents showed up at her own door, but she said that several of her friends who attended Trump’s insurrection day speech were questioned about their presence in D.C. She does not suggest that they were in any way charged or threatened, only questioned about their proximity to the scene of the crime.

Owens’ ‘BLEXIT’ group holds Back the Blue events, but she indicates her support of law enforcement doesn’t extend to the Federal level, and seems to hint that questioning people who were at the scene of a crime and share ideology with the attackers, determining whether the individuals are suspects or witnesses, is somehow the equivalent of the government’s efforts to prevent Martin Luther King Jr. from fighting racism.

Replying to a since-deleted tweet, Owens insists that the investigation is “political harassment,” targeted to intimidate conservatives, and prevent right-wing political movements from organizing in the future.

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She does not address that there have been no such investigations of other political rallies or protests by Trump supporters, when those rallies and protests did not in turn lead to an attempt, however failing, to overthrow the U.S. government and install the candidate who lost the election.

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