Candace Owens Says She Doesn’t Remember All These Race Issues Growing Up. But as a Teen, She Received a $37,500 Settlement Over Racist Phone Calls

Candace Owens has become an important voice for the modern Republican party. She is a young African American conservative who has appeared at congressional hearings and is a regular on a number of Fox News programs.

Zach Gibson/Getty Images

On Monday night, Owens appeared as a guest on Laura Ingraham’s show to discuss Donald Trump and race. The pundit claimed that she didn’t remember these kind of race issues while growing up. As a teen, though, Owens received a large cash settlement from Stamford, Connecticut over racist phone calls.

Owens told Ingraham that racial sensitivities had been kicked up by the presidency of Barack Obama. According to her:

“Obama did a lot to tear this country apart. I do not remember when I was growing up, having all these race issues, o.k. I really don’t remember it. Then suddenly towards the end of Obama, we started hearing all this rhetoric drummed up. This white versus black all over again”

Some More News’ scribe Cody Johnston shared a video of Owens’ comments, writing, “When Candace Owens was growing up she sued her city for $37,500 after receiving racist phone calls from the mayor’s son.”

In 2016, Owens told the Stamford Advocate, “One night as I sat watching a movie, a group of anonymous boys called my cell phone and left me a series of voicemails. Their words, to this very day, represent the most horrific that I have ever heard uttered against another human being.”

You can watch Owens segment with Ingraham here, courtesy of Fox News:


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