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Candace Owens: If You Don’t Pull Your Kids Out of School, They Will Become “Antifa Thugs”

Candace Owens: If You Don’t Pull Your Kids Out of School, They Will Become “Antifa Thugs”

Over the last few months, Republicans have been very focused on critical race theory. There were a number of viral videos from school board meetings where enraged parents demanded that their children aren’t taught CRT.

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Of course, they don’t really need to worry. What Fox News didn’t explain to these parents is that CRT is largely taught in law schools. What the Conservative media wants, is for children not to be taught about civil rights at all.

Candace Owens was running along this line of thinking during a recent podcast. She told her listeners to pull their children out of school rather than having them turn into “Antifa thugs.”

The Conservative pundit began, “They graduate college and they have no means to make money,” Owens said. “You know what that turns them into? An angry person, a person that their country, they go out and they become the Antifa thugs you see on the street, the Black Lives Matter thugs you see on the streets.”

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Owens continued:

“We are intentionally churning out useful idiots. Why are you sending your children to school? If we do not win this battle nothing else will matter. If these kids grow up and they belong to the system, America will fall. I am passionate right now in speaking to mothers and fathers and telling you that the time is now, to pull your kids out, bring your children back home. They will learn more in your household.”

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