Candace Owens: Despite COVID-19 Deaths, “Business Should Go On As Usual”

The number of people testing positive for COVID-19 has risen and along with that, so has the death toll. There have been some people making less than compassionate remarks about the pandemic. Actress Vanessa Hudgins went viral for remarking that deaths were inevitable.

Zach Gibson/Getty Images

Conservative activist and Trump supporter Candace Owens took the lack of empathy a bit further. During a Periscope chat on Monday night, Owens said that COVID-19 deaths should not stop business from going on as usual.

The controversial pundit told her fans, “Anyone telling you that we just need more government, more government, more government to fix this is completely out of touch with reality.”

Owens continued, “I watch the news because I’m on the news a lot. I know people that follow me probably consume the news. The majority of Americans do not consume the news. The majority of Americans are not reacting in a way that you think that they should be acting because you’re fearful. And if you believe in freedom, freedom doesn’t suddenly stop when you get scared.”

After she slammed the Republican response to the pandemic, Owens was asked what she would do. “Life comes before Liberty in the Declaration of Independence,” she replied. “I would recommend just accepting there is a new virus, & like all viruses, some people will die &like all viruses, if you are old, you need to be especially careful & are welcome to quarantine yourself. Otherwise— business as usual. 750 million infected from flu, every year.”



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