Candace Owens Boosts January 6th Bomber Conspiracy Theory, Calls Whole Thing A ‘Democrat Hoax’

When we talk about January 6th, the focus tends to be on the Capitol Building breach, and the violence in the building and the immediate vicinity, which cost lives. However, explosive devices found outside the Democratic National Committee headquarters, and the Republican National Committee headquarters, are still a subject of investigation.

[Photo by Daniel Pier/NurPhoto via Getty Images]

Right-wing media figures Mike Cernovich and Candace Owens zeroed in on these for a Memorial Day conspiracy run, with Cernovitch merely posing the question Sunday night, and Owens boosting it Memorial Day morning with a declaration that the FBI secretly knows who planted the bombs, but won’t release the information because it wasn’t (she asserts) a Trump supporter. In fact, she claims, the January 6th insurrection was merely a hoax perpetrated by the media and Democrats.

Notably, Cernovitch’s tweet came the day after the FBI’s Washington Field Office reminded the public that they’re still searching for the suspect — it may even have been prompted by it.

Although the individual is seen in footage from multiple security cameras in multiple locations, a hooded sweatshirt, face mask, and gloves effectively obscure their identity. Still, if the FBI was in on some secret plot to cover up the bombing attempts, releasing footage and pleading with the public to help identify the suspect would seem lie a counterintuitive move.

In a statement, the FBI released more details, asking for anyone who recognized the individual, or had other reason for suspicion, to come forward.

Leading up to January 5th, you may have observed behaviors that indicate someone was involved.

This could include making travel plans to Capitol Hill or researching the locations of the DNC and RNC.

They may have shown an increased fixation on the current political climate.

Specific to the devices, you may have noticed this person purchased 1×8-inch threaded galvanized pipe.

This person may have had unexplained possession of multiple kitchen timers.

They may have an interest in explosives, making black powder, or researched these topics.

This person may have talked about their aspirations to place the pipe bombs.

Again, counterintuitive if Federal law enforcement was attempting to help hide the suspect’s identity.

Commenters piled on Owens to point out that a bipartisan commission to investigate the attack would likely have included a push to find the bomber, but that she didn’t speak out to support that as Republicans blocked it, and that describing the insurrection as a ‘hoax’ when there’s video evidence (that America watched live as it happened), and people are being indicted, is willful disinformation.

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